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in-between love


there hasn’t been a moment for weeks where i’ve been physically alone. you have enveloped yourself into all of me - the bed i sleep in, how my mother slices fruit for lunch, the car that fell apart so you’d stay, the birds that sing into their rest. i watched you leave because i had to, my arm didn’t even have the strength to lift and wave. i spent the whole afternoon reading because after the last few days i know that’s what we would have done - read, and watched lectures, and listened to things and sat silently. i cried making prayer in yoga, sending my body into the universe, realigning my spirit in a way that i hope you can hear. 

i want to say “come home”: the only reasons i have are that i know your blue/black skin the dark, how your curls knot themselves straight in individual strands, and how your body comes ever so tenderly alive next to me (there have never been any i’m sorry’s there, in that one place, reserved just for you). your scent scattered in everything i own/that matters and the only thing playing on my mind is how you confessed to how this feels like home. i had nothing to say, who wants to admit to the glaring moment you begin breathing together, in unison, in magic?

but the sky was burdened with a kind of heavy when you left, i’ve been echoing your return since. all we have is a “soon come” and an ocean…

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